Case Study: Bat Control Specialists

Bat Control Specialists is a pest control company located in Ontario, Canada. As we all know, Canada can have some of the most frigid winters on the planet. Due to these cold winters, bats only come around for part of the year in the summer time. This means Bat Control Specialists has a small window of opportunity every year to snatch up as many clients as possible before the season ends or one of their competitors get to the clients.

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Company background

Bat Control Specialists provides humane, lifetime guaranteed solutions for indoor bat problems.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Industry: Pest Control


happy client.

” Listen, our business is seasonal, our profits depend on doing well in a few short weeks in a competitive market. Edwin revamped our online ad campaigns and then we had our best season, ever!

This guy is quick, responsive, and never runs out of interesting ideas. I hate having to pay for online advertising because I am cheap. However, this was some of the best money I ever hated to spend. I will keep doing it because Edwin delivers value! period! OK? “

– Benjamin Vaughan, CEO of Bat Control Specialist –

how we generated 1,300% return on ad spending in the first month.


Bat infestations occur mainly during the summer months, Bat Control Specialists needs to make the best of this window of opportunity every year.


We developed a dynamic approach to making this season BIG for Bat Control Specialists. We began by performing website optimization to allow for higher landing page conversion compared to competitors in the area. 

Next, we launched compelling Google and Bing Ad campaigns highlighting the call extension, which really made a difference for their clients. Finally, we went all in by offering a promotion to snatch up all of the customers we could before the season ended.


The promotion in combination with our optimized CTA allowed Bat Control Specialists to score an all-time best season in revenue.

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