content marketing that's worth your while.

We help you provide value to your customers apart from your products and services through content marketing. This will keep your customers coming back to your website and encourage them to buy again.

what is content marketing?

content marketing is providing value to users through blogs and other content.

How can you convince people to use your products or services?

Content marketing is important to increase audience retention, establish trust, generate leads, improve conversions, enhance SEO efforts and building authority. It is one of the best marketing solutions to build brand awareness and educate your audience.

Wise Digital’s approach to content marketing is focused on ensuring that the content of your website is perfect for your target audience. We will strengthen your relationship with your audience, which will generate more leads for your website and business.

how we create a successful content marketing plan

Step 1: Marketing Review

Wise Digital offers a free marketing review of your website to determine how effective activities are in helping you achieve your business goals. Our consultants will provide you with a video review which will include tips on improving your website. Just send us your website url and we will provide you with free content marketing recommendations to increase your conversion rates.

Step 2: Initial content plan

A digital marketing plan is essential if you want your business to grow. We will take a more detailed look at the free marketing review we conducted of your website. One of our team members will make contact with you to discuss your business goals in more detail. We will then proceed with creating your digital marketing plan. In the digital marketing plan we will break down our recommended traffic channels that will help you reach your business goals.

Step 3: content marketing strategy

We will find out what’s working and what isn’t. Not only do you need to provide your audience with high-quality and valuable content, but you need a strategy that will make your audience more receptive to your content. Our team of experts will conduct thorough research to determine the strategies you can use to outperform your competitors, improve your website and increase your conversion rates.

Step 4: Promote your content

The next step is to create your content. Wise Digital will review your existing content, as well as write new content that aligns with your business goals to increase your rankings. We will identify and solve any gaps your website may have.

After creating your content, we will then promote it using various methods such as digital public relations, copywriting, influencer marketing, blogger outreach, article writing, link building and guest post outreach.

Step 5: traffic & ranking increase

Sit back and watch the traffic to your website and rankings increase! While this does not happen overnight, we are committed to helping you reach your goals. Our creative and long-term strategies focus on sustainable growth. 

We will stay one step ahead of your competitors by developing new ideas and keeping up to date with the needs of your audience. This will allow you to make informed decisions about the content you provide your audience. With us as your content marketing partner, you can be assured to receive fresh ideas and long-term success.

See what we have already
accomplished for our clients.

bat control specialist case studies reseult - wise digital group - edwin

$250,000+ in Job Booked for Pest Control

Using Google and Bing Ads, we helped this pest control client in Toronto to increase their lead volume and generated a 1,300% return on ad spending in the first month.

easymarkit case studies - wise digital group - edwin

62% Decrease in CPA for Dental Software

The established Saas business has been having difficulty securing the leads they wanted through pay-per-click Ads. We stepped to restructure the campaign, resulting 633% increase in conversions.

train 2.0 hockey course - wise digital group - edwin

30% increase in Conversion rate for online hockey course

This hockey coach needed an increase in traffic and leads to keep up with his growth forecast. Using Google and Facebook Ads, we helped this hockey coach to 10x their leads in 60 days.

Want these sort of results for your business?

We will start with a consultation with you, study your existing marketing strategies, then map out a customized marketing framework that tailors for your online business. Request a free review of your marketing and website from our expert digital marketing team, worth $400.

We can do the same for you.

Get a loyal customer base for the long-term and become the top competitor in your vertical.

Article content

We will create articles for your blog that fuels social media, SEO and sales. Our articles will generate more leads and drive traffic to your website.


Our optimized content marketing strategies will make sure that your website produces the best results, as well as engages and retains your audience.

Link Building

To increase your rankings on Google, we will build links to your website. This will increase your web traffic and create more opportunities for revenue.

Blog outreach

We will connect with influential bloggers to feature and promote your unique content to attract more customers. You will have a ready-made audience that the blogger will promote your content to.

Influencer Marketing

We will connect with our trusted influencers to promote your content and business to their already huge social following.

Public Relations

We connects with publishers, as well as journalists to promote your creative content. Our goal is to release your content across digital mediums to increase your online presence.