revenue-focused google ads marketing campaigns.

We generate high-intent leads and awareness for your brand with a highly optimized Google Ads campaign. Grow your customer base and reach new markets.

what is google ads marketing?

Google ads marketing is a paid ads platform that allows you to reach Google users.

Google Ads are a great way to generate new high-intent leads so you can get a high ROAS for your ad budget. Google hosts billions of searches so there’s no shortage of potential clients you can reach through Google Ads.

A company that has a strong Google Ads presence can see long-term growth when it comes to its customer base. When users see your Google Ads, they learn to trust your brand and are more likely to keep purchasing from you.

how we create a successful Google Ads campaign

Step 1: audience targeting

We’ll identify your ideal market base. This helps to keep the cost of ads down and get your conversions going. We’ll perform in-depth research to conclude how ad targeting can be best optimized for your location and brand. This information will guide the rest of the campaign, everything from what ads we create to how we structure your Google Ads campaign on the platform.

Step 2: develop a funnel

Next, we’ll pair down the steps users go through from their first impression to conversion. No more maze-like journeys to the end goal. We make the conversion funnel a no-nonsense, clear path so users remain engaged and excited about converting and becoming your customer. Our funnels gently guide users through their journey so converting feels genuine and natural.

Step 3: ad copies

Our team of experts will craft diverse custom ad copies so that you get the most targeted leads coming to your business as possible. This allows you to focus on the people who are searching for what your business offers. Our ad copies will work seamlessly with your company’s branding and landing page to create a convincing funnel.

Step 4: ad extensions

We utilize every ad extension available on the Google Ads  platform so that your ads can have the maximum effect. By adding more content to the ad through ad extensions, we will give your ads more visibility on the page. That means you will gain more value for your ad budget. Extensions can help increase the number of clicks you get and provide more ways users can interact with your ads.

Step 5: landing page

We make sure you don’t lose a single lead from start to finish. Our team sets up a highly-optimized page geared toward conversion. Your page will be responsive on all devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop. Landing pages are like a seamless extension of paid ads. They are meant to serve as a place that makes it easy for users who click on your ads to take the next step to becoming your client.

Step 6: thank you page

To complete the first phase of your customer’s journey you need a winning thank you page. This page provides closure and clear next steps to your customers so they don’t go to your competitors in search of the same product or service. Your thank you page will be optimized and clear for a great user experience.

Step 7: tracking & analysis

Finally, we set up advanced tracking for your funnel so you know exactly how your conversion journey is functioning. This allows you to make data-driven decisions to make changes as your customer’s actions do. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by leveraging data-based market insights.

See what we have already
accomplished for our clients.

bat control specialist case studies reseult - wise digital group - edwin

$250,000+ in Job Booked for Pest Control

Using Google and Bing Ads, we helped this pest control client in Toronto to increase their lead volume and generated a 1,300% return on ad spending in the first month.

easymarkit case studies - wise digital group - edwin

62% Decrease in CPA for Dental Software

The established Saas business has been having difficulty securing the leads they wanted through pay-per-click Ads. We stepped to restructure the campaign, resulting 633% increase in conversions.

train 2.0 hockey course - wise digital group - edwin

30% increase in Conversion rate for online hockey course

This hockey coach needed an increase in traffic and leads to keep up with his growth forecast. Using Google and Facebook Ads, we helped this hockey coach to 10x their leads in 60 days.

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audience targeting

We'll make getting leads even cheaper by only showing ads to potential customers.