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Why Our Clients Love Us.

Each client we work with receives a unique approach customized to their goals. location and niche. We have achieved successful outcomes with all of our clients and maintain strong working relationships with many of them.

vp of Fundrazr

mira soullen

” Edwin has been instrumental for helping us refine our paid campaign strategy and implementation. Edwin is detailed, result-oriented, resourceful and always has new ideas for improvement. 

By adding Edwin to the team, you will not only get a strong team player but also a trusted partner who you can rely on and get support in various marketing areas such as SEO, content and conversion optimization. I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration and growing the product together. “

ceo of cloudwaitress

christopher timm

” Edwin has helped us to scale our business from a few hundred accounts to thousands within a few months. We quickly expanded from operating in a few countries to going global.

Edwin has driven results that have allowed us to scale our budget and deliver x2 conversions for 3+ consecutive months. Now we use more data and integrate it across all our business systems.

Having engaged with several companies in the space over the years. Edwin is hands down the best I have come across. The reporting is excellent, the expertise is obvious and his recommendations are sound. “

CEO Of grantme

madison guy

” Edwin has had an incredible and immediate impact since joining our team. He goes above and beyond to support us, not just with our paid advertising, but in many other areas. We have since hired him outside of paid advertising to consult on multiple areas of the company including data management.

Since working with Edwin, we have seen CPA has decreased from $57 to $5; increased 12x productivity in data management through dashboard and automation, and our customer acquisition has increased by more than 5x. “

ceo of bat control specialist

benjamin vaughan

” Listen, our business is seasonal, our profits depend on doing ell in a few short weeks in a competitive market. Edwin revamped our online ad campaigns and then we had our best season, ever! 

This guy is quick, responsive, and never runs out of interesting ideas. I hate having to pay for online advertising because I am cheap. However, this was some of the best money I ever hated to spend. I will keep doing it because Edwin delivers value! period! OK?

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appco group - wise digital
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kilimanjaro - wise digital
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simply rates - wise digital edwin
gottasleep - wise digital edwin
ciccc - wise digital edwin
grantme1 - wisedigital edwin
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bat control specialist - wise digital edwin