Paid Ads Private Label

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.

Google Ads

First Month account Building

The pricing includes the initial full build-out of the ad account and the cost for our expert to build and manage the campaigns in the first month. 

Local Business
$750 CAD
Medium-sized Business
$1,150 CAD

For Ecom, the site cannot include hundreds of SKUs, max 20.

Large Business
$1,550+ CAD
Google Ads

Second Month & aFTER

After the first month, Wise Digital’s regular monthly management fees come into effect. The Wise Digital team will optimize and manage the campaigns on a month-t0-month basis for a fee based on the client’s monthly ad spend as seen below.

Management Fee Tiers

Additional Services

Custom landing page

$1,200 CAD

Includes up to 5 copy variations to match your account build

Unbounce Account

$100+ CAD

Sign up with Unbounce directly or consult with our account manager

Conversion Tracking

$150+ CAD

Global Site Tag Integration, GTM Installation or any tracking required

Custom Remarketing Banners

$250 CAD

Set of 12 custom sizes with one revision

Bing Import From Google

$200 CAD

We will do a quality check after the import

Bing Account Management

$400 CAD

For spending below $3,000 and are currently managing their Google Ads. If the client only wants a Bing account, please follow the account build pricing and tier above

Facebook Account Setup

$750 CAD

Includes remarketing, lookalike, and general audience setup. For Ecom, please speak with our account manager

Facebook Account Management

The same management fees tier shown above, this is an additional fee on top of the Google Ads management

facebook ad creatives

$250+ CAD

Set of 3 custom sizes with one revision. The customer will need to provide creatives like products. This is not an influencer video creative. 

SEO Setup

$400+ CAD

Includes Site Map, Google Search Console. We also help with On-page SEO, speak with account manager for more information.

Article/ Blog

$150+ CAD

Includes one 1,500 words well-written grammer-free SEO-ready article, SERP title and description, 1-2 images will be provided. 

Need other custom services?

Please contact/ schedule a call with our account manager to discuss further.

Have Any Questions?


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We link our ad account with your MCC account, so all the change history and access to the account will display like a normal user. 

A local account build will take approximately 1-3 days depending on the requirements. 

A medium account and large business build will take approximately 3-7 days depending on the requirements.

If you are working with less than 10 clients, please refer to the pricing above. If you are working with more clients, please consult with our account manager. 

Yes, we do offer 1-time revisions on the ad creatives the Wise Digital team makes.

We do offer Bing Ads and Facebook Ads management only. If the client’s Google Ads account is managed by our team with spending below $3,000, we offer $400 per month account management with a $350 one-time setup for conversion tracking and Bing import from Google Ads.

No. We do not offer Facebook influencer video creatives, we only offer static custom Facebook Ad creatives. 

All our account managers are located in North America. We do not outsource any of the account management or optimizations overseas to any third parties.

We will build out the account from start to finish in the first couple weeks.  This involves campaign setup, ad copy, keyword research, keyword expansion, ad group structuring, negative keywords, site link extensions, callout extensions, call extensions, snippet extensions (and more if needed), initial bid placements, GEO location targeting…

We don’t manage the Google Merchant Shopping feed since the product feed requires updating of descriptions, prices, and more. 

We only manage the actual shopping campaigns within the Google Ads account.

We work with search campaign, display campaign, remarketing, and shopping ads.